About me


Hello, my name is Grace, I am an artist/illustrator. I have been into art ever since I was a child when my mum got me a very first drawing pad and colour pencils. I remembered my very first drawing was stick people and a sitting cat with no legs.


I left my passion for art behind when I went to study a Foundation Degree in Fashion and Surface Pattern in Worcester College Of Technology/University Of Worcester to pursue a career in Fashion Design. After graduation, I realised I much prefer art than fashion design so I decided to get back into it. I have been doing a lot of drawing and painting since then. I have been to my friends home for a private art lesson and attending an art society meeting, Evesham.


I specialise in watercolour paints/pencils, pastels and colour pencils. The main subject I focus on is tropical birds, flowers, sunset and butterflies using exotic colours.


Hope you enjoy looking at my webpage.